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Guayaberas are the perfect groom beach wedding attire as well as the perfect beach attire for your groomsmen. From adults of all sizes to kids, tweens and teens the guayaberas from The Guayabera Shirt Store in linen and cotton are the perfect choice. Let the Guayabera Shirt Store supply your mens beach wedding attire with a casual yet elegant look for all the men that are participating in your beach wedding.

Contact them for group discounts on beach wedding attire.


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There are many wonderful destinations for a beach wedding depending on the time of year, number of guests and your budget. Review our list below for the best beach destination wedding locations in the US, Mexico and The Caribbean including local marriage requirements, travel and trip planning resources & links to popular resorts. Begin your beach wedding destination research today.

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When it comes to tying the knot, it has to be admitted that men find it more daunting. They are the ones who are expected to propose and also the ones who are faced with the fear of rejection. However, once the wedding is agreed it is where the fun really begins as you can start in planning the actual day.

Many people now take the option of getting married in the idyllic setting of a beautiful sun soaked beach.

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